Friday, July 20, 2007

Fun on Friday

I found this terrific aqua hair band to play with this afternoon.
China Cat had been playing with it
but she also had the catnip toy so, lucky for me...
I get the aqua hair band toy.
Actually, she also left the catnip toy
when I strolled on over like I was ready to play too.

I like to throw it in the air and then run to where it lands.
Sometimes I am fast enough that it never lands
because I just catch it in the air!
OK, that doesn't happen a lot
but it's fun when it does happen that way!

And it's time to board the Friday Ark!
There's lots of kitties already on board.


Cheysuli said...

Yes, I love to throw things up and see where they land. I quite like doing it in front of the Woman so she will feel guilty that I have to try and play alone....

Anita said...

I like play with my bean´s hair band too. You have Dominator face like me. Do you want to join the feline dominators clan? Muhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!