Sunday, August 12, 2007

Meet my NOMSS friend, Bogart!

Willow and I accepted Karl's dare
to make friends with another species.

We found Bogart who is an Airedale Terrier
with a terrific blog.

We emailed him that we would like to be friends

and he wrote back that he lives with

"4 kitties and have a bunch of other cat bloggers
that I visit too, so I'd LOVE to be friends!"
October 2, 2005 was a very important day for Bogart.
That is the day that he traveled all the way
from Virginia to Los Angeles, California.
He is a purebred Airedale and he was only 7 weeks o
when he made this trip to meet his new mom and dad.
Here is a picture of Bogart on October 13, 2005 when he actually received his name, Bogart.
And then on October 18th, he was officially registered with the AKC as Bogart Handsome Devil - I agree that he is a very handsome looking dog!
Bogart goes for long walks with his mom and dad. He loves playing with sticks and even has his own stick collection.
Bogart also likes playing with soccer balls. He even has his own soccer jersey that he got from his dreamgirl, Sunshade.
Last for today is a picture of Bogart with one of his kitties. This kitty is named Kafka. In October 2005, when Bogart was still little he enjoyed watching Kafka stalk a moth. He was impressed that for a fat orange tabby, Kafka could really jump up high. Kafka jumped straight up about 4 feet and caught the moth with one paw, landed and then ate that moth. At that time, Bogart was hoping they would become friends and play moth retrieval together.
As you can see, they are good friends now!


Dragonheart said...

You and China Cat made a wonderful new friend. :) Very cool that he lives with 4 kitties!

Daisy said...

You picked a great NOMSS friend! Bogart is a very handsome dog. And he looks cute in his soccer jersey.

Samantha & Tigger said...

Your NOMSS friend is very cute and it's great that he likes cats! You two picked a wonderfully cute woofie!
Your FL furiends,

Tyler said...

Bogart looks like a wonderful friend. Congratulations.

Cheysuli said...

Bogart is getting picked by all sorts of people! Enjoy your new friend!

The Cat Realm said...

We are having a birthday party for our nomss friend Lucas. His birthday is Monday and he will be two years old!
Please come over AND bring your nomss friend with you!!!
Karl and Anastasia

Boy said...

Bogart sounds wike a nice woofie!

Karen Jo said...

Bogart seems like a very nice woofie. Great choice for a NOMSS friend.

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

WOW WILLOW! We both have terrier doggies for our NOMSS! Mine is Jackson the WFT....Bogart knows him!
Hugs to China Cat and thanks for coming over today:)

Bogart said...

I LOVE having new cat friends!!! My kitties are my best buddies in the world and I love to try to play with the stray cats in our neighborhood that my mom feeds (they're not so keen to play with me, however).

Hey that's pretty cool Miss Peach, Jackson is a buddy of mine too!

ROCK ON cool cats!