Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordy Secret Paws for Me!

Miles Meezer was my Secret Paw this year!
Here is how I found out...
My Food Lady went outside to get the mail and much to her surprise, there was a box on the front porch and it was addressed to me! She brought the box in but, unfortunately, made me wait a few days to open it. She said that she wanted pictures of me opening the box. I just wanted to open the box!
Well, I finally got to open that box. I even had to wait for my Big Janitor to watch me open it! Who cares now, it's mine to open!!!

OK, my box is open but I somehow cannot figure out how to get all my gifts out of that box. China Cat suggested that if I let my Food Lady tip it over, then I will be able to see all my gifts.
Great idea, China Cat!
When my Food Lady tipped the box over for me,
all of my gifts poured out!
Woo hoo, there are mousies and Temptations! I'm glad that I put Temptations on my list,
as I LOVE Temptations...
And Toys were on my list,
I LOVE toys but don't know where to start!
Miles Meezer even sent me a beautiful card!
If you can't read my card biggified, it says:

May happiness fill your holidays

and your new year, too!

Your Secret Paw

Miles Meezer
Miles Meezer, I want to thank you so very much
for all of my wonderful gifts!
You were a great Secret Paw to me!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow look at all those goodies!!!
We love how you posted so many pictures together without making it look messy too!
I think Momma will have to have a play later :)

Enjoy your wonderful toys and nom noms! Secret Paws are so much fun! :)


The Island Cats said...

Wow, Willow! Miles sure was good to you! Secret Paws is the best!

Anonymous said...

Willow, you got a great bunch of gifts from your Secret Paws. Nice work showing us with those fancy graphics, too.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh what a fun Paw!!!

The Meezers said...

YAY!! I's so furry happy that you liked all of your toys!!!! I hadded fun ordering mommy around to get you what I put on the list. - purrrsss - Miles

Jodi said...

Oh how sweet of Miles Meezer. What wonderfurr gifts you got.

Daisy said...

Oh Willow, you sure got some wonderful presents from Miles! I love Secret Paws.

My Siberian Kitties said...

So many goodies... so little time !

Smokey(ILM), Mishka, Mila & Zateynik's Mom - Jackie

Forty Paws said...

What totally great pictures of you and your wonderful gift from Miles Meezer! How cool!

Luf, Us

Foolishboy said...

My mom's kitties found the gifts I gave them in the middle of the night. Organic catnip party! heh heh heh!

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to meet you, Willow. We are Missouri cats too (from St. Charles). It looks like you got lots of great stuff from your Secret Paws. We're new to the Cat Blogosphere, we learned about it from our other new Missouri friends, the St. Louis Meezers.

Junior said...

WOO HOO!! Great secret paws present!!!

Team Tabby said...

Miles sent you some wonderful Secret Paws goodies, Willow!

Mindy, Moe, Bono

Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats said...

Wow! so many toys! We wanna play too!

Spice Cats

Everycat said...

Cor! what a wonderful box of Secret Paws fun there! Great pictures of you enjoying it too! Secret Paws was lots of fun.

Whicky Wuudler

Anlina S. said...

How cute! You look like you're enjoying yourself so much. And what a lovely idea to have a Secret Paw for the holidays.