Thursday, January 4, 2007

I love boxes!

After most of the presents were open, my Food Lady found me
laying on top of this big empty box. She thought that I looked very cute
so she took a quick picture of me.
But then the Dad (aka the Big Janitor) said he would take a picture from the other side where he was sitting so everyone could see my face better. As you can see, I am smiling for the camera.They looked in the camera to see just how cute I looked.
Then the Food Lady turned toward me to take more pictures
and that's when it was discovered what I was really doing....

The red wrapped present on the box with me now
actually had China Cat's name on it.
Really I was innocent - I was just holding it
until she was ready to open it.
They gave China Cat the present and I went inside the box.
But since the Food Lady again thought that I looked very cute,
as usual she had to take another picture of me
She sent my picture over to
and my picture was on there today.
So everything turned out fine!
I love boxes!

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