Saturday, January 20, 2007

I love tomatoes!

My Food Lady finds it very strange
but I love tomatoes.
She usually holds the can for me
so I can get some of the tomatoes
that stayed in the can.
And she uses one of those can openers
that leave no sharp edges,

in case a cat should want to taste
whatever was in the can.
Some of my favorite foods are in cans;
such as, tomatoes, beans and tuna.
Anyway, today she gave me the can on the chair
since I had been sitting there watching her open that can.
Then she left to go get her camera
to take pictures of me enjoying my tomatoes.

I was really enjoying those tomatoes!
Oops, there goes my tomato can on the floor. I think that I got most of the tomatoes
but I had to jump down to check out the can.
There were more tomatoes in the can.
But now my Food Lady has to clean tomatoes
off of the floor.
I was kind of messy. I don't like to eat off of the floor!
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Daisy said...

Wow, I never even tried tomatoes before. I don't think I would like them though. It was fun to watch you eat 'em!

Kitikata-san said...

Oh honey! you are eating tomatoes? are they good? I just like my kibble and treats. I have never had a tomato.

Lux said...

Just a bit of trivia: Mom read where a little bit of tomato sauce will assist in turning urine more acidic (which is what she wanted for me since mine was too alkaline resulting in my now absent bladder stone). So she let me lap up a little bit of tomato sauce one day. It wasn't my favorite, but I won't turn anything edible down.

Katie said...

It's good to know that Mummy is looking after you! I hope the tomatoes were yummy, especially after all that effort to eat them! :D

Tara said...

Mom says tomatos are good for you, lycopene or something like that. Dad says BlECH, he hates tomatos. Hmm... I don't know, mom just bought some kitty food that had tomato in it. We will see......Tara

sher said...

Well, you are obviously a very healthy kitty. No wonder your fur is so pretty--the vitamins!

Dragonheart said...

Wow, tomatoes! You are very clever to eat them out of the can like that! I guess the tomatoes must taste good, since you are eating them. I wonder if my humans will let me try some?

Kimo & Sabi said... make that look pretty good...we just might have to try tomatoes some time!

Just Sharlene said...

Tomatoes? Never heard of a cat that likes tomatoes. Haha.... and how cute!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I know what you mean! I love pasta sauce. It has a nice sweetness and tang to it. The people think I'm crazy but I love it!


Anonymous said...

I did a bit of research, and here's what I learned:

"Tomatoes, as members of the nightshade family, contain a bitter poisonous alkaloid called solanine."

Tomatoes can be VERY BAD FOR CATS!!