Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday Snoopervising

I thought that Sunday was supposed to be for snoozing???
Instead my Food Lady brought a big box into the living room.
I was interested when she started unpacking all sorts of different things.
I sniffed everything.
Then my Food Lady and I read the instructions.
Since we're both girls, we always read the instructions first,
unlike my dad aka my Big Janitor.
I had to check to see if there are any more parts in the plastic.
See what happened to my tail...
I ran under the plastic so fast
that the flashy box couldn't picture my whole tail!
No time for snoozing now, I must snoopervise!
We're building a table for our laptop!
And then we are going to visit Zed Monster & the Bad Kitty Cats
who are hosting today's Carnival of the Cats!


Phoebe, A Siamese Kitten said...

Nice to meet you, Willow, and I see a laptop box to play with! My mommy lets me be her laptop sometimes. How about you?!

Boy said...

You're building a new table! That weawwy needs the skills of a kitty doesn't it? Beans could never do it without us!

Annie Mosaic Cat said...

Plastic wrap is SO COOL, but even more exciting is when we get boxes with styrofoam peanuts in them!!
I can smell those peanuts before the box is even opened and I have my claw paw ready to spear one as soon as the scissors rip the box seam open.

Mickey said...

Great snoopervising job! Your tail is just too fast for the flashy box! hahahaha!!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

What would our beans do wifout us to snoopervise! Mom reads directions too, dad usually just jumps right in and when he gets in trubbul mom has already read da dirctions and finishes it fur him...

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

We think you are doing a great job snoopervising. How did you get your tail to disappear that way? We want to learn this trick!

Happy Holidays Willow! Purrs