Sunday, November 18, 2007

BCK: On Purpose or On Accident

It's time for the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos
and the optional theme is: On Purpose or On Accident.
So, there are bands in my food bowl and in my water bowl...
It could have been an accident or it could have been on purpose?????
~~~ what's that over there??? ~~~ ~~~~~~~ it's still in my water bowl... ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ what, now food too??? ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ maybe I can get it... ~~~~~~~~I'd really like some food... ~~~~~~~~~~~ China, do you think that you could look up
and be really cute and get some food for us???????~~~~~
~~~~I don't know.....maybe......~~~~~~~~Hi, did you notice that the kitties are hungry?????~~~~~~We finally have some food...
And don't forget,
Weekend Cat Blogging is at Paulchen's Food Blog,
the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is being hosted
by Kashim & Othello at The Catboys Realm and
Carnival of the Cats is over at Pet's Garden Blog.


Cheysuli said...

I was starving just watching you. I'm glad you didn't waste away to nothing...

Astrid, Kashim & Othello said...

oh you poor girls! what meanie put bands in your bowls???
we are glad you finally gotted sumfing to eat tho!!
puurrs and hugs Kashim & Othello

Black Cat said...

Oh dear, how sad is that? Bands in your bowls? I hope you didn't swallow any:) xxx

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

This is a Mystery. Could someone have planted those bands in your bowls? It looks like it. We are always doing things like this, when we find the SnotFace hair bands, but we just blame her.

It's good you got fed, we were worried too!

Purrs and Purrs and Scritches!

Ramses said...

I'z not sure dat bands are any good for eatin... Now a nice bowl full of stinky goodness is what I call good eatin'! :)

Honey P. Sunshine said...

ha ha ha ha

Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats said...

Bands on your bowl? That is so strange. But glad you got your food in the end.