Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Toesday on the Porch

Today it was 74 degrees out
and only two days before Thanksgiving,
which also happens to be my 1st Blogoversary!
Of course I had to spend time out in my screened-in porch.
I was watching to see
if the chipmunks would come out from under the deck.
While watching you can see that I have very good toe positioning;
both front paws are aligned
so that my toes point directly in front of me.
Even when I turn to look at the birds eating from the bird feeders,
my toes continue to be aligned.
I believe that this photo also shows my tummy quite nicely!


Mickey said...

Perfect toe position and tummy!!
You are fine figure of a cat!!

Gemini said...

That is perfect toe positioning. I hope you get lots of extra treats for your blogoversary!

Dragonheart said...

Lovely photos, Willow! :) Enjoy your Blogaversary tomorrow! :)

Ramses said...

I seez you have eyeliner on like me! I'm sure this shows that you're a very pretty and special girly cat, 'cause I'z sure I am too! :)


Mosaic Cats said...

What excellent posture you have! So composed and poised.
Maybe you practiced with a book on your head when you were little?
Lovely photos.

Clover said...

Hi there Willow,
Thanks for visiting my blog a little while back. I hope we can be friends!
Love Clover xo