Friday, May 25, 2007

My Favorites Meme

I was tagged
for the Favorites Meme by Suzanne.
This should be a lot of fun.

Time of day:
Anytime of day that I am eating, of course!

Day of week:
I can't decide what my favorite day is because I have fun everyday. However, to answer the question, I will say Sunday because Sunday is the day that starts the week with more fun things to do!

Season of year:
Spring would be my favorite because the weather starts getting warmer and I get to go out for hours in my sunny screened-in porch. I do like Summer too but sometimes it is way too hot!

I am torn between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving I always get turkey but Christmas I get presents. Oh, I guess I get good food at Christmastime too. Actually all holidays seem to have good food so now I am really confused. presents and lovely family time.

I'm sure I don't have a favorite beach since I have never seen one. I do have a pool in my backyard but I'm afraid to go out near it so I guess the pool is also not one of my favorite things.

Just like China Cat, my favorite song is my own song. I sing my song to my Food Lady and she likes to hear me and then gives me my crunchies.

When we have fresh flowers in the house I always try to eat them. My favorites are Roses. My Food Lady loves roses but she doesn't want to eat them like I do.

I don't have a favorite movie but when I was a kitten I loved watching the TV. I don't do that so much anymore.

I don't watch soaps, but I hear them because my Food Lady watches a lot of them.

I like drinking water a lot but I also like milk from my Food Lady's cereal bowl. Yum!

I think that tomatoes are considered fruit so that would have to be my favorite fruit. If you don't think tomatoes are fruit, then my next favorite fruit is strawberries.

Any type of Temptations - I love them all.

The only cat food I eat is Eukanuba Restricted-Calorie crunchies. I like it very much. The only problem is that my vet told my Food Lady that I should lose 2 pounds so I'm not supposed to get any extra in-between meals.

I have never actually gone to a restaurant but I love it when my Lap Lady brings home some leftover chicken or steak.
If any other cat wants to play, consider yourself tagged!


Daisy said...

I am pretty sure that tomatoes are a kind of fruit. I want to try a can of tomatoes myself.

Dragonheart said...

Tomatoes are fruit! :) I also like the milk in the bottom of a cereal bowl - it is very yummy. :) I enjoyed reading your list of favourites. :)

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

The next time da vet sez yoo need to lose a cuppul pounds do what I did and pee on his stoopid table! Mom's cut back on my treets too, dat is horrubul...~Speedy

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

What is it with vets thinking we need to lay off snacks and stuff. Geesh! Next thing you know they'll be ordering us to the gym!

Caesar and Princess said...

hahaha Zoey and the furballs.
That made me laff.

I really enjoyed reading this list of favorites. This is really fun!