Monday, February 26, 2007

Derby's Hawk

Today something very interesting happened.
Unfortunately there aren't any photos
but I was off visiting lots of other cats blogs at lunch time today and I saw that Derby had a hawk in the backyard.
China Cat & I commented that we were glad that his Mum kept him inside and safe from Mr. Hawk and the 'lizzard.
We have lots of squirrels, little birdies, chipmunks & bunnies that we regularly watch from our screened-in porch. But no hawks.
Well, it was sunny out here so my Food Lady decided it was a good day to exercise outside.
So she put on her running shoes
(why you need shoes to run, I have no idea. I run so very fast all around the house and I have no shoes!)
and she took her music ear things and left us alone,
with a snack of course.
She was so excited when she returned because on her run she saw a white van parked by a house and the person inside looked like he was going to do landscaping or take down a tree. That wasn't the exciting part. But he was intently looking at the tree in the front. When my Food Lady was running by, she looked at the tree to see if it was broken or something like that and that was why he was looking at it.
That was not why he was looking at the tree.
Right at the bottom of the tree there was a big bird that my Food Lady thought might be a hawk with a small animal that might have been a bunny! It was only about 6 feet away from my Food Lady. She stopped for a moment because she was so surprised and the bird looked at her with big golden colored eyes! At that point, she wished she had brought her camera with her - she always runs with her phone but it's not one of those camera phones.
So, before the big bird wanted to investigate
closer to my Food Lady,
she kept running!
Whew - China Cat & I were so happy that she was safe inside with us after that story! She drove back over to see if the big bird was still there so she could show us a picture but it was gone.
So, if you want to see a big bird, you will have to visit at Derby's!


Daisy said...

Wow, how exciting for yer Mommie to get to see that!

One of us said...

hawks and lizzards, what is the world coming too? ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko