Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

This is where my water is - on top of the refrigerator.
(UPDATE: If you look here you can see why
I have water on the refrigerator!)
As you can see there are also
refrigerator magnets on the side.
They are all words about cats;
like, "fish" and "whisker" and "bird"
and even "siamese"!
I like to bite them or push them off.
First I look very carefully to one side...
and then I focus very carefully
more to the middle and...
finally I look all the way to the other side.
Then I bite them or swat them down to the floor.
My Food Lady laughs when I make my faces.
But I move so quickly she has no proof
of my swatting or biting!


Dragonheart said...

Very nice photos Willow. I guess you like the top of the fridge, since your water is there. That sounds like a fun game you play with the magnets!

DEBRA said...


Yu look like yu are havin lots of fun wif dos werds.

Dat is a furry interestin place furrs yur waters...hey Mommma can we put our waters on top of da fridge?


Daisy said...

I think you are studying those words so you can make yer own poetry!!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

ha ha ha, you are wacky weds willow! ha ha ha

Daisy said...

Willow, we would love to have you and China Cat join the Pink Ladies. Can you sent me yer e-mail address?


Cecilia & The 2Bs said...

Ahhwww, that is adorable.

Just Sharlene said...

Hahahaha....that is absolutely adorable. I cant help smiling to the last pic!

Gattina said...

It's almost like a cute cartoon ! You are very pretty cats. Why don't you visit once my cat blog ? I have Arthur (completely white) Lisa (united colors tortie) Kim (completely black) and Pookie (tabby). Arthur and Lisa are Belgians Kim and Pookie English, they meow still in English !

Artsy Catsy said...

Oh, Willow, I'm glad I read what you posted because when I first looked at your pictures I thought your head was falling off! I hate it when that happens!

(A Pink Lady - hope you join us!)

Luna said...

Haha! is adorable!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Scout would prolly bat the pitcher off the fridge. He bats stuff off the counters all the time just to see how they bounce. Bet you can observe everything going on from up there!

Gato Azul said...

Feliz is impressed! Where did you learn to read? Can you teach him? Thanks for your visit. When do classes start?

Cheysuli said...

Great trick. I need to see if I can find a way to get to the top of our fridge...