Wednesday, February 7, 2007

More Snow...

bla bla blaa bla mrwa mra mra


Millie said...

Lovely Miss Willow, will you be my Valentine? I would be very happy to be your "knight in shining armor" as they say.

I can see by your pictures that you and I have a great deal in common: we both like the high places where we can watch the world go by.

I also roll over on my back to get Mom's attention. And my tummy and feet and face are white also!

Your admirer,

daniel s. said...

You look immensely disgusted in that last shot.

Are you annoyed at the snow, or that someone is taking a picture of you?

Just wondering


Cheysuli said...

What great photos. We love that cat tree.

Blueberry said...

Willow! Cheer up! It's almost your birthday! And you are just a baby.