Monday, February 22, 2010

My New Napping Playing Place

I am so happy with my Food Lady.
Do you see what I am laying on here?
You are right if you guessed that it is a Christmas Garland. Now even though Christmas was like a squillion days ago, my Christmas Garland is still out in my living room. When my Food Lady took the Garland down and set it on the living room rug, I found it. I sniffed it and then rolled around on it. I liked it a lot. In the afternoon the sun comes in the living room window and I curled up on the Christmas Garland and took a nap. My Big Janitor Dad kept telling my Food Lady that she needed to put away ALL of the Christmas decorations. But after I brought over my catnip banana with me to the Christmas Garland and my Food Lady thought that I was so cute... She let me keep the Christmas Garland out for a while longer!
So that is why I am so happy with my Food Lady;
It's almost the end of February but I still
have my Christmas Garland!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's my 6th Birthday Today!

Today is my 6th Birthday!
I am ready to begin my special birthday party...
Hey, Food Lady, isn't it time for my party to start???
Oh, China Cat just told me that the party
won't start until later...
But she did see my Food Lady taking out some
Fancy Feast Appetizers for the party!!!
Oh, I can't wait...
I hope that tonight comes fast!
China Cat thinks I might get some new toys too!
But in the meantime, she said I should come nap
with her on the Super Bowl Football pillow.
I think that I will go look for China Cat,
as it is her 12th Gotcha Day and
she really likes me to snuggle with her!
This should be a Really Great Birthday!

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Food Lady's Water Glass

My Food Lady has a very favorite water glass. It says, "No, you can't have a sip." on it. I like water and I like to try to get sips from her water glass when it is on the coffee table. Wait, shouldn't that be called a water table... My Food Lady always sets water glasses or tea cups on that table. Maybe it should be a tea table? How confusing for me! Anway, here I am being very sneaky... I can see my Food Lady on the couch watching TV. I don't think that she can see me. Before my Food Lady can notice and react,
I quickly stand up and stick my face in her water glass!!!
Can you see my pink tongue in the water glass!
I finally got to share water with my Food Lady!
I even had more than a sip!
To be polite,
I offered my water bowl to her to share with me too...
I don't know why she declined?????