Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm Concerned...

I don't like this at all.
I found a big green carrier-type box upstairs today.
My Food Lady put it in the bedroom and
started putting her clothes into it.
I really don't like the looks of this.
I have seen this big green thing before
and it meant only one thing...
My Food Lady might not be here to feed me!
I am going to stay on top of the green carrier
until I find out exactly what is going on here...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

China Cat found a box for me...

China Cat found a big blue box in our family room.
She called for me so I could come see it.
She knows that I love boxes!
I ran into the family room and she was right!
There was a big blue box exactly where she said it would be.
I didn't even stop to sniff it - I climbed right in that box.
(That is why my picture is rather blurry -
I was in a hurry to check out the inside of the box!)
Now I could take my time sniffing the new box.
It must have been left here for me.
I looked on the outside of the box
and I can see that the word "cat" is there,
along with some other letters.
I do like sitting in this "cat" box.~~~~~
China Cat was so happy I liked the box
she found that she came over
and patted me very nicely on my head.
I love my sister-cat China!
Oh, my Food Lady,
I love it that you left me this big blue "cat" box!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pink Prayers for Lilly Lu

I wanted to turn my blog pink today for Lilly Lu

but I don’t know how to do that…

So, I will just write in pink today...for Lilly Lu.

I think that I'll even go look at the Red Sox site for her.

Oh, hooray for Lilly Lu -

her Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 5 to 3. That should make her feel better!

I hope so anyway.

(Thank you to Daisy for letting me use this lovely card.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Our Prayers are with you...

Caesar & Prinnie's college girl in Virginia made this
for remembrance
of all the students, faculty and families at Virginia Tech.
Our prayers are with all of you.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I Hate Taxes...

OK, my Food Lady kept telling me
that she can't let me go to my blog
or visit any of my blogging friends
until she finishes something called taxes.
Whatever the taxes are, I am hating them.
My Food Lady won't even stop to play with me.
This is very bad.
That is why I came up with a great plan.
If I am on top of her tax papers and the blue circle thing,
then she will have to pay attention to me!
But then she insisted that there is a time limit
on when she has to finish them.

So, I guess that I will just have to
take a nap right here on her desk.
At least this way I will know when she finishes.
And maybe, just maybe,
I will get to have some fun.
Oh, Hooray!!!
My Food Lady said that she is done with the taxes!
And because I was so good and didn't bother her,
(well, except for the part where I tried to hide her tax stuff)
that I get to have treats. Temptations, in fact!
Today did turn out very good.
I had my treats and I get to blog and visit!!!
Puddy is a first time WCB Host this weekend
so be sure to go visit at A Byootaful Life!
And, of course, Carnival of Cats - Edition #160 will be held also.
It's this Sunday by Tobias at Nina's Books for Israel.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wacky New Toy

Ha Ha Ha
My Food Lady had to wrap a birthday present for a friend.
She had brought in the wrapping paper and tape
and left them on the rug.
That was, of course, where I was just hanging around,
under the coffee table, not doing much.
When she came back from the kitchen,
after getting the scissors,
all she could see on the rug were
my feet sticking out from under the coffee table!
I had found the wrapping paper and tape
and pushed them under the coffee table.
The wrapping paper rolled
so it was very easy for me to do that.
I guess that I believed she put it on the floor
as a new toy for me.
Who doesn't love new toys????
I thought that maybe I would be able to keep the new toy
so I put my head on it and tried to look as cute as possible.
Cuteness goes a long way toward getting what you want.
Especially when you turn around and look upside down.
For some reason, my Food Lady finds this adorable.
My Food Lady came around to my side of the coffee table
to see what exactly that I was doing with the paper.
See, I wasn't hurting anything.
I was just taking care of the new toy, er...
I mean your wrapping paper and tape.
Can I help wrap presents???
Is there a present for me too???

Don't forget to go and check out all the fun stuff at the Friday Ark on Friday!

Monday, April 9, 2007

I will put the bitey on...

"China, What did you say?
No, there is no way
that they would try to put these ears ON me!
No, they are made of feathers
so they are just for playing with and maybe some licking.
Hey, come on, they are feathers!"
Well, I am just going to play with my purple feather pen...Hey, that's my head you're putting bunny ears on...See, this is me backing away from the bunny ears...
I would suggest you stop now...
You had so better watch out for my big bitey on you...

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter with Feathers...

Happy Easter Everyone!
China Cat found our Easter basket.
It was sitting in the family room.
I heard my Food Lady talking to China Cat
and I thought it might be a good idea for me
to get in on the action.
I rushed over to see what was going on
and found China Cat sniffing some feathery bunny ears!
Wow - I love sniffing and licking feathery things!
After checking out the bunny ears, I looked into the basket.
Oh, was I surprised!!!
Right inside that basket was a new purple feather pen.
It even had a plastic bunny on top of it.
I had to get to that purple feather pen.
I was so excited
that I accidently pulled the basket over...
OK, maybe it wasn't an "accident"
but I had to get those purple feathers.
So I dumped all the plastic eggs and plastic carrots
right onto the floor.
And then I had the pen...look at these feathers...and look at the bunny on top... ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ this is such fun... I do so love feathers... What a great Easter Day!
I will have to finish my Easter pictures tomorrow.
Today I have my new purple feather pen with a bunny on top!

Friday, April 6, 2007

What's in the Big Box?

I was sleeping when the doorbell rang.
However, I jumped right up and ran over to the door.
My Food Lady came with me.

The Man in Brown Shorts gave her a big box.
She laughed when she read what was on the box.
The big box came from her sister in California
and she knew that my Big Janitor would love
whatever was in the big box!
It seemed like forever
that the big box sat in the family room.
My Big Janitor was at work when the box came
so I had to wait for hours and hours
until he came home to open the big box.
Finally, my Big Janitor came home and opened the big box!
I was wondering if there was anything for us in that box...
We were both watching very intently
as he opened the big box...
We moved in closer
as he started to take stuff out of the box...
It seemed to clearly be all stuff for my dad.
(Well, it was for his birthday after all!)
There was wine and crackers
and cheese spread and cashews
and even chocolate covered graham crackers.
My Big Janitor was very happy
and said that he would take the crackers and cheese spread
with him when he takes my Food Lady
to the winery this weekend.
I think that I would like to taste the cheese spread, Dad?!?!?

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My Balance Meme

Hey, this will be fun!
I was tagged by Daisy for a meme
about balance in my life.
Now being a circus acrobat star
she is very good at balance.
I'm more of a klutz
so I will be answering in a different way than she did.
First I have to give these questions some thought...
This is my thoughtful balanced look...

How do you achieve balance in your life?

For balance what I need to do is make a schedule for every day. I don't need to follow it exactly every day but I just make time for everything I need to do; such as, eating, patrolling, sleeping and playing.

What is your biggest challenge in balancing your life?

My biggest challenge is getting my Food Lady and my Big Janitor to attend to all of my needs when I want them attended to immediately. When I want my crunchies, my Food Lady should be right there serving me. And, of course, my Big Janitor should be constantly keeping my litter box fresh and clean. Oh, and then there's China Cat; she should let me snuggle up next to her all of the time without giving me the smackdown.

What are your priorities?

Of course my number one priority is having my food served when I want it. And I want it served a LOT! My other priorities would have to include a nice place for sleeping and lots of time in my porch to watch birds, bunnies and squirrels.

How have your priorities changed over time and why?

Of course with my number one priority of having my food served when I want it, there has been no change.

What advice can you share to help all of us balance our own lives?

I think that it is so very important to ask for what you want. Sometimes you have to ask quite loudly, particularly if you are asking for food! Take time to do everything that is important to you: eating, sleeping, playing and patrolling. I think that is balance!

Now it’s my turn to tag five others:


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Faz the Cat
Caesar and Princess

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tiny Me Tuesday...

Here is a picture of me
when I was only 4 months old.
It is one of my Food Lady's favorite pictures of me.
She had her purse, phone,

keys and glasses out on the bed.
Even though I was still young,
I knew what this meant...
Yes, it meant she was going somewhere!
I knew exactly what to do...
Get in the middle of her stuff

and maybe she would take me too!Well, it was a great plan that I had
but it didn't work.
However she did take my picture
and she played with me
before she had to go out for a while.
My Food Lady liked that picture of me so much
that she has made copies of it.

One of the copies of my picture
is in a heart-shaped water globe frame.

I asked her to put it next to me for a picture.
It usually sits on her computer desk.

One of the copies is on the front of a little pillow.
This pillow sits on our cat tree
and my picture
is in the plastic pocket of the pillow.

Here is where I like to sit with my pillow. And China Cat likes to sit with it too.