Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Eyes

It's time for the Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos. The optional theme this week, I heard from Kashim & Othello, is "Those Eyes" and those two catboys have some beautiful eyes! My Food Lady came home with a really pretty bag from some place called Trader Joe's. Once the bag was on the floor, it was mine. My Food Lady asked me if I liked that bag and I looked up at her in disbelief! Of course I like it -- it's a bag! I love bags! So there you go, she thought that I was showing some of "Those Eyes" so I posted this picture of me and my bag!Wait a minute, you Food Lady of mine, why are you making me black and white??? I am already mostly white and some gray but that doesn't look like me... And my colorful bag is not as pretty now. Oh, China Cat said that you were just playing with my picture to show off my eyes. That's OK then as long as you change it back. Also, if China Cat gets to have some ham, may I have some chicken, pleeeeease..... Oh, thank you so much, I'm off to nom nom nom...
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Finally Friday Fun

Last month China Cat and I went to Gree and Othello's Wedding Shower. It was hosted by Sophia, Orlando and Fiona. We were surprised and so happy to find out that we won a Snuggle made by DKM! It's called a Spumoni Snuggle. It is so beautiful and very snuggly, indeed! They also sent us some squiggles to play with and I could scarcely believe it but there was CATNIP wrapped up in that Spumoni Snuggle! We asked each other if this could really be all for us?!?!?
Then the catnip kicked in and we started rolling all over the Snuggle.
China Cat was laughing and we had so much fun!
If you look real close, you can see some of that catnip!
First, I backed off the Snuggle, and then I jumped on it.
I found some more catnip and ate and just enjoyed that
soft Snuggle under me.
I found the squiggles and they are so much fun to play with.
I even got some catnip on my face but that's OK with me.
I'll eat it later! DKM, thank you so much for everything!
We love it all!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Toes on Towels

My Food Lady was doing laundry and I thought that maybe she needed my help. She folded up some of those little towels and put them in a nice pile. I jumped right up and put both of my front paws on the towel pile. I didn't want the nicely folded towel pile to fall over. I looked over at my Food Lady to see if she noticed what a good job I was doing - and she did! She told me that I was very, very good to help. It's nice to be appreciated!And speaking of appreciation,
look at the beautiful graphic that I received from Zoolatry!
There are three of me!
I really do appreciate this pretty graphic of me!
Thank you, Ann, so very much!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Christmas in July

It's time for the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos
and Samantha and Mr. Tigger are hosting.
This week there is an optional theme of Christmas in July.
I looked for a Christmas picture of me when I fou
nd some pictures that we had never posted before. And I was featured so I thought that this would be a great day to post them! Just after last Christmas and before my Food Lady's Birthday the Big Janitor brought in a box and told my Food Lady that it was a combination Christmas/Birthday present. I love boxes so I ran right over to help open that box. What is this? A stick was in the box.
I wonder why the Big Janitor wanted to give my Food Lady a stick.
It is tasty but I don't think she'll want to lick it???
Oh, there is more here than just a stick. There is the smooth flat thing and some curled up wires, like I'm not allowed to put the bitey on! Hey, I think that the stick is a pen. Maybe if I had some paper I could write with it. I could plan my blog posts ahead of time when my Food Lady isn't around to help me type! I still like that pen and it's great that there is a holder for it
so it won't get lost.
And there is another one of those computer mousies...
Now, I get it - all of this is for my Food Lady's computer!
This will help me for when I want to blog too!
Great idea, my Big Janitor!
Happy Christmas/Birthday to my Food Lady
and her new computer toys!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I love yogurt on my tongue!

I am not showing any tummy or toes today.
However, my tongue is happily eating some
of my Food Lady's Organic Non-fat Frozen Vanilla Yogurt.
I love yogurt!!!
(We finished that little carton and my Food Lady needs to buy more!)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Was I a Bad Kitty Cat?

First, there was some very sad news this weekend. Forest somehow managed to get out of their house and she was hit by a car.
China Cat & I are sending over lots of soft purrs
for Omer, Snow, Leo and Fairy.
This weekend it's the first anniversary of the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos! What a fun year full of Bad Kitty Cats!
For this special edition, everycat was invited to share a little story about a "bad thing" that we may have done. Now I thought and thought about what story I could tell and I couldn't come up with any "bad things" I had done.
So I just wandered around the house when something caught my eye. Up on the kitchen table I smelled something nice. I know that I am not supposed to be on the kitchen table and my Big Janitor yells at me when I jump up there. But he wasn't at home this afternoon and I had to see what smelled so good. It was a vase of flowers right in the middle of the table.
I jumped and sniffed those lovely flowers.
My Food Lady came in the kitchen then, with her ever-present flashy box, and told me that I would be in trouble if the Big Janitor caught me up there sniffing flowers. So I just laid down on the place mat and pretended that I didn't hear her... Then we heard the garage door open and after my Food Lady quickly took my picture, she scooped me off the table and on to the floor before the Big Janitor came in the house!
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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July to all!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thinking on Thursday

I am thinking about too much booming going on.
For the last two nights, and even in the daytime,
the thunder booms and I growl like "grrrrrrrrrr" and
then I have to go hide under the bed.
Now I hear rumors about fireworks for the holiday.
Tomorrow night might not be a good one for me.
So, I'm trying not to think about it
and just maybe take a nice cat nap out here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday Toy Day

It is getting so late but my Food Lady was finally here to help me...
Since I couldn't turn on the computer and blog by myself,
I found my mousie roller ball toy to play with
until I could blog again...