Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Whew on Wednesday

First, I want to thank everyone so much for all the purrs and prayers for me.
CB purrs are the best! I am feeling better today!
I had to go to the v-e-t on Monday afternoon because I still wasn't eating very much and I threw up a couple of times - ewwwwww, I hate doing that! My Food Lady was very worried about me and kept hugging me and kissing me.
I was sleeping in bed when my Food Lady came in to see me again. Much to my chagrin she picked me up and pushed me into the dreaded PTU! She noticed that I just barely fit in there now - I think that it's because I am a very tall cat. I howled for the 15 minutes it took to drive to my v-e-t but I was very quiet when we went inside. I was glad that there weren't any dogs in the waiting room. In fact, I was the only one there! My Food Lady and I went into a little room and a nice lady came in and talked with my Food Lady about my not eating problem. I just nervously sat in the PTU.
The nice lady then tried to pull me out of the PTU. She had to turn it up on it's side to get me out. Once I was in there I didn't want to come out. She weighed me and I found out that I now weigh 15 pounds. I don't think that is so big - like I mentioned, I am a tall cat! After she let me off the scale, I got into the sink and snuggled over against the side of it. I'm not looking at you right now, Food Lady! Then my v-et came in to see him. He seemed very nice until I had to come out of the sink and he took my temperature. I had to growl a little bit at that! He poked and prodded me all over and said he would need some parts of me for testing! I didn't like the sound of that at all. He had the nice lady take me into another room without my Food Lady. She stole my blood from me and squeezed my tummy for more samples. I hated that and my Food Lady heard me howling. I know she didn't want me to be there because she was crying. She was very worried about me. After giving me some sub-q fluids and a nutritional thing, they finally gave me back to my Food Lady and she took me home.
We had to wait until 6:00 last night to find out what was wrong with me. My v-e-t said that there was some very good news; I don't have diabetes! But he said I have to lose 3 pounds. My bloodwork was pretty good except my pancreas levels were a little bit high. He said he will call my Food Lady next week to check up on me. And he told me that I shouldn't have any more rotisserie chicken! I love rotisserie chicken but I hate going to the v-e-t so I'll try not to beg too much!
When I got home, I went to bed and China Cat was waiting for me. She was worried when my Food Lady took me away in the PTU, after all I'm still her "kitten" and will always be. See, she even put her paw on my back to make me feel better!
Today I'm going to find sunspots to sleep in and hopefully get all better! We all truly appreciate everyone sending over so many purrs and prayers!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Purrs for Willow

Please send purrs over to Willow. Tomorrow is her 7th birthday and today she hasn’t wanted to eat or drink very much. I’m very worried tonight as she loves to eat. She was fine before this suddenly happened. Please pray for her.

I watched my Food Lady

On Wednesday I showed you a picture of me up on top of the refrigerator watching something. As a Wordless Wednesday I couldn't tell you what I was watching! But now I can explain what I was watching...
My Food Lady heard a crashing noise in the kitchen and ran in to see what it was. I had just jumped up from the floor to the telephone table to the top of the refrigerator when she arrived. "Hmmmm, what happened here?" she said looking around the kitchen. She looked down at the trash bag all tipped over and then she looked up at me settling in on top of the refrigerator. "Willow, do you know how this bag tipped over?" she asked me. I know when to keep silent and I simply looked at her and smiled.
That is when I got to watch my Food Lady clean up the trash!