Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More Tummy Tuesday

Now this one really shows off my tummy.
But see how I can stretch it way out long
so I look like one skinny kitty!

Tummy Tuesday

I am sharing Tummy Tuesday
with my sister-cat China Cat Sunflower.

We were both enjoying the sunshine after lunch. When the Food Lady came looking for us, she woke us up.
So what could we do except begin grooming! After she took pictures of us, China Cat left to find some quiet sun to sleep in and I went out to check for birds and squirrels in the screened-in porch.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Willow Warholized

The Food Lady decided to see what I would look like
in different colors.
I don't know why -- I think that I already am
the perfect colors for me.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Climb I Did

When I first came to live here, I still had my front claws. And, boy could I climb. Even though I don't have my front claws anymore I can still get up to high places; i.e. refrigerators and entertainment centers.

Thanksgiving Photo Shoot

Mama, the Food Lady, decided we needed pictures taken
before we could indulge in Thanksgiving Dinner. Little did I know at the time our dinner would not be served for about 8 hours past picture taking time. She didn't let me know that while I was trying to be cute and adorable for the holiday pictures, she was leaving to go have dinner at grandma's house! So I am getting away from these pumpkins now. What if there isn't any food in my bowl?????But Mama left bowls of food for both of us to tide us over until the Big Janitor brought her back home. I made sure that China Cat shared her bowl with me. Luckily China Cat doesn't like to eat as much as I do. Also, if I transfer over to her bowl she cleans up the mess that I make on the floor. I don't like to eat off the floor even though the Food Lady bought
placemats for our bowls.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Own Blog

I am so excited about having my own blog. Mama had been putting up pictures on her blog sammawow of me and China Cat. But now we get to have our own blogs. My sister-cat China's is here but I think that mine will be the best one. I do love China though. She has taken care of me since I came to live here with her. Sometimes she washes me too much though.

I wanted to get a picture of me up right away so everyone can see how cute I am. I really am not quite so serious as I appear in this picture. But I didn't want to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect picture. Mama (aka "the Food Lady") always tells me how pretty I am so she thinks that most all of the pictures are perfect! Daddy (aka "the Big Janitor") always has to see new pictures of me. He doesn't think that I am as wonderful as the Food Lady does but he loves me anyway.