Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Squillion Day!!!

This is my Squillion Sadie-Katie
and in the back on the hearth
you can see Charlie.
Charlie is China Cat's SquillionI just thought that I would move down
next to Sadie-Katie for our close-up!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tag Tuesday

A. Name four places you have lived:

1. I lived with a foster family with my two other siblings.
2. We went to the Humane Society when we were 2 1/2 months old. My siblings were adopted right before my Food Lady came in and we chose each other right away!
3. My home in St. Louis County.

B. Four things I love to watch:

1. Birds
2. Squirrels
3. Chipmunks
4. My Food Lady, especially when she is eating and I get some too.

C. Four places I have been outside my home:

1. On the bench in front of my house with my Food Lady.
2. In my yard eating grass.
3. In our car to go to the vet.

D. Four websites I visit daily:

1. Cat Blogosphere for all the news and to see who is on the list to visit.
2. I go down my list of cat blog links.
3. Anyone who has visited my blog, I visit their blog.
4. Yahoo for e-mail.

E. Four of my favorite foods:

1. Eukaneuba Crunchies
2. I Love Canned tomatoes!
3. Chicken and turkey
4. Tuna

F. Four places I would rather be right now:

1. On the back of the couch.
2. Anywhere China Cat is.
3. On one of the kitchen chairs.
4. Under the dining room table.

G. Four toys I have owned and played with:

1. Milk cap rings.
2. Catnip mousies.
3. Catnip mouse on a stretchy string hanging from the library door.
4. My Food Lady's elastic bands for her hair.

H. Four nicknames people call me

1. Willoweeeze by my Big Janitor Dad
2. Willy
3. Floofie
4. Sweet Li'l Willow

I. Regarding Catnip:
  • Love it!!!!!!!!!! I Love It!!!!!
  • It's nice
  • Could take it or leave it
  • Don't like it or can't have it
J. Regarding cat grass
  • Love it
  • It's nice
  • Could take it or leave it - I just sniff it!
  • Don't like it or can't have it
K. First things I would buy after winning the lottery:

1. A water fountain.
2. Lots of Eukaneuba Crunchies.
3. A lifetime worth of catnip.
4. A big beautiful shelter for all the kitties who don't have homes.

L. Four things I do besides eat, sleep and litter box:

1. I like to sit on the ironing board and leave lots of white fur on it.
2. Play with my toys and China Cat.
3. Follow my Food Lady wherever she goes in the house.
4. Snuggle with China Cat and let her lick my head.

M. Four things I want to do this summer

1. Sleep in the shade on the pool cover in the screened-in porch.
2. Visit all of my cat blog friends.
3. Check out the action outside from inside on the window sill.
4. Eat, sleep and play!

N. My four most prized possessions that have limited value to anyone else:

1. My collection of my Food Lady's hair bands.
2. My collection of milk jug rings.
3. My Food Lady's green and purple feather pens.
4. My pink catnip mousie.

O. What I am going to do before tomorrow:

1. Swat China Cat so I can chase her.
2. Eat!!!
3. Sit on my refrigerator and survey my kingdom and drink water from my pitcher.
4. Probably do a little patrolling - I have to make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing. Like paying attention to me!

P.Which of the following is your favorite place to hide and play:
  • paper bags - yes!!!
  • plastic bags - yes!!!
  • boxes - yes!!!
  • other (explain) I couldn't decide as I like them all equally!!!
Q. Four other pets that my humans have had with me

* China Cat, My Best Friend and Sister-Cat!
* Two fish named Darrel (the neon tetra) and Pablo (the plecostamus).

R. Four friends I tag to respond.

1. Every cat I've read has already done this!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Derby's Hawk

Today something very interesting happened.
Unfortunately there aren't any photos
but I was off visiting lots of other cats blogs at lunch time today and I saw that Derby had a hawk in the backyard.
China Cat & I commented that we were glad that his Mum kept him inside and safe from Mr. Hawk and the 'lizzard.
We have lots of squirrels, little birdies, chipmunks & bunnies that we regularly watch from our screened-in porch. But no hawks.
Well, it was sunny out here so my Food Lady decided it was a good day to exercise outside.
So she put on her running shoes
(why you need shoes to run, I have no idea. I run so very fast all around the house and I have no shoes!)
and she took her music ear things and left us alone,
with a snack of course.
She was so excited when she returned because on her run she saw a white van parked by a house and the person inside looked like he was going to do landscaping or take down a tree. That wasn't the exciting part. But he was intently looking at the tree in the front. When my Food Lady was running by, she looked at the tree to see if it was broken or something like that and that was why he was looking at it.
That was not why he was looking at the tree.
Right at the bottom of the tree there was a big bird that my Food Lady thought might be a hawk with a small animal that might have been a bunny! It was only about 6 feet away from my Food Lady. She stopped for a moment because she was so surprised and the bird looked at her with big golden colored eyes! At that point, she wished she had brought her camera with her - she always runs with her phone but it's not one of those camera phones.
So, before the big bird wanted to investigate
closer to my Food Lady,
she kept running!
Whew - China Cat & I were so happy that she was safe inside with us after that story! She drove back over to see if the big bird was still there so she could show us a picture but it was gone.
So, if you want to see a big bird, you will have to visit at Derby's!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Something Unexpected

I found a bag to play with
so I quickly zoomed into it
as fast as I could.
I found out later
that I wasn't really hidden though
because as you can see
my tail was sticking out!
Ha ha ha!

Anyway, I quickly made my way up
to the front of the bag and luckily found a hole
there where I could peek out.
My Food Lady thought it was very funny
because the logo on the bag says "something unexpected"
and the something was me!

Friday Ark has boarded,
Kate in the Kitchen is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging,
and Carnival of Cats is at Scribblings
So, it's time to visit all those cats!

I'm a Pink Lady Member!

I was so excited to get the news from Daisy
that both China Cat and I are now
members of The Pink Ladies.
Since we don't have any outfits yet
we thought the pink feather boa
from Valentine's Day
would be a good choice today.
I can't resist licking feathers though -
It tickled my nose and tongue!!!
Now we are going to dream of what fun
it will be as Pink Ladies.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

This is where my water is - on top of the refrigerator.
(UPDATE: If you look here you can see why
I have water on the refrigerator!)
As you can see there are also
refrigerator magnets on the side.
They are all words about cats;
like, "fish" and "whisker" and "bird"
and even "siamese"!
I like to bite them or push them off.
First I look very carefully to one side...
and then I focus very carefully
more to the middle and...
finally I look all the way to the other side.
Then I bite them or swat them down to the floor.
My Food Lady laughs when I make my faces.
But I move so quickly she has no proof
of my swatting or biting!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Mardi Gras Tiara...

Mardi Gras is today
and here I am wearing my purple fish beads.
I love tuna so I let my Food Lady
put these purple fish beads around my neck.

I am laying on her hat in this picture
and I had been playing with the other beads too!
Then I became so tired, it being nap time and all...
Then my Food Lady
brought in this tiara for me to wear...
I wasn't sure about this idea
but since I was very sleepy,
I just left it on my head
while she took this picture of me.
I do look very royal with my tiara!
Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

No Mardi Gras for me!

Mardi Gras - Mardi Gras - Mardi Gras
The only thing it means to me is that
I will probably be forced to wear more feathers
and more jewelry and I think that I look
perfect just the way I am!
Can't you see that I am totally ignoring it?!?!?
I'm not going to even look that way.
I know something is going on
and I'm still ignoring all of that stuff in the chair...
I think that I heard something...
Maybe it's that way????
What's that over there -
Sorry time to patrol - I have to go now!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Birthday

So it was finally my birthday
and I couldn't even use the computer
to show all the fun that I had on my birthday.
My Food Lady made me a beautiful cake
that is like a caricature of me.
I slept on the big bed for a while with China Cat
and she washed my face for me
so that I would look wonderful in my birthday pictures.
It snowed on my birthday
and I went outside to look at it
and actually sat down in the snow
in my screened-in porch.
China Cat and I were each given
the leftovers of tuna cans.
I had decided that I wanted tuna
for my birthday dinner
so my Food Lady chose
to make a Tuna Noodle Casserole
for their dinner.
The Big Janitor really likes that Tuna Noodle Casserole.
The tuna was so good but I actually had to do alot of washing
after to get every tuna taste!
The last part of the birthday evening
I was given very fresh catnip -
Here am I rolling and loving every nippy smell of it!
I like being 3!!!

Wordless Wednesday Valentine

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Toesday Today

Here I am sleeping
all curled up and snuggly on my birthday.
My Food Lady is baking my cake and
I asked for tuna for dinner!
Who wouldn't?!?!?!
Since it's still morning
I didn't get my cake, party or presents yet
but when the Big Janitor gets home
I get to have my party tonight!
~~~~~ - <foo
So I will be able to share my birthday tomorrow...
On Valentine's Day!!!
Wow, two party days in a row for me!

My Birthday Rosette from Skeezix!

Willow received this Rosette from Skeezix the Cat on February 13th 2007.
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Skeezix the Cat

Happy Berthday, Willow!!! I hope yoo reely whooped it up!