Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hooray I was tagged too...

Yesterday I had a very frustrating Friday.
I was tagged by Dragonheart for a meme...
and I wanted to respond right away...
but we were having internet problems.
Then today we were still having internet
and blogger problems.
Luckily, my Big Janitor came home
and fixed the internet problems
so my Food Lady can finally help me
with my meme!
First, here's my Five Reasons Why I Blog:
1. I really like blogging because it's so much fun.
I am a big fan of "fun"!
2. I like putting up pictures of myself
so that others can see me
and what fun I have every day.
3. I have really enjoyed meeting
so many other new friends.
4. I get to have lots of quality time with my Food Lady.
5. I learn a lot of things reading other blogs
that I never would have known otherwise.
Most importantly,
I learned about Temptations and Catnip Cigars!
And here is who I am tagging:
Munchkin, Missy and Monte

Bow at Forty Paws - He has lots of white fur like me!
Precious at The Big Piney Woods Cats
Faz the Cat
William of Mass Destruction

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Big Janitor!

I love my Big Janitor aka Dad.
Today is his birthday
so I plan on being especially cute
to entertain him.
When I roll on my back
and look at him upside down,
he calls me "clown cat"
and I know he means it lovingly.
I like to try and get his attention
every morning
while he is getting ready for work.
I know that this helps him.
When he forgets to pay attention,
I meow very loudly
but he tells my Food Lady that
I was "yelling" at him.
Well, it does get his attention!
So, here's to a very Happy Birthday
to my great dad!

Tummy, Toes, Tongue and Feathers...

Oh, I had such fun this morning.
My Food Lady has two feather pens;
one has purple feathers and the other one
has green feathers.
She usually keeps them in the desk drawer,
but today she left the drawer open!!!
That's right - the purple feather pen was
practically calling to me to play with it.
What could I do???
Clearly there was only one thing to do...
Grab the feather pen and run to another room!
So, that is exactly what I did.
I fell down on the floor and twisted the pen around
to lick those purple feathers.
Then, I buried my face deep
into the purple feathers.
Actually, the purple feathers are kind of
tickley on my face and toes.
But the purple feathers are such fun to lick,
like I have my very own little purple birdie.
Oh, I love the yummy yummy tickley
purple feather pen.
I hope that the Food Lady doesn't hide
this great purple feather pen.
It really should be mine;
I certainly appreciate it more than she does!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Porch in Springtime

China Cat and I love our porch in the Springtime.
As you see, we have practically
everything we need out there.
China has her cat grass,
but I don't understand the fascination with it.
However she seems to really like to eat it.
I've sniffed it but I don't ever eat it.
We also have our tent,
which is very nice for napping inside.
We have our fresh water in a plastic bowl
because sometimes I look to push it off.
Sometimes we have toys there too.
We love going out to the porch!
I just like to relax and watch
the birds, bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks.
China can't get enough of that cat grass! See, we even brought our squillions,
Sadie-Katie and Charlie, out with us.
They don't understand cat grass either. I do really like to drink water though
and it seems especially fun outside.
Springtime Life is Really Good!

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of The Carnival of Cats.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

What's in my Food Bowl???

Feeling kind of bored and hungry,
I thought I would go over and see
if there was any new food in my bowl.
But look what I found...
one of my elasticky toys but no food.
Yes, there does seem to be some cat food
on the place mat by my bowl
but as I may have mentioned before,
I prefer my food from the bowl only.
I looked around to see if I could spot
who would put one of my elasticky toys
in my food bowl...
I quickly looked back to see if it was still there.
And, there it was - just a toy and no food...
What do you mean???
You think that I put my elasticky toy in my food bowl???
Well, OK, I admit to doing that if only
you will fill my food bowl, please?!?!?
P.S. Now that I will be getting food,
I truly will admit that I do, in fact, always
put toys in my food bowls when there is no food there!!!
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Congrats to Kat!

Hooray for 1 whole year of terrific cats!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I love my refrigerator...

~~~~~ ~~~~~

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Get well quickly, Earl Grey...

"Earl Grey Update - Good News Sunday Edition"
"Earl Grey’s surgery went great.
They removed a piece of purple plastic from his intestine."
"As of 11 am this morning, EG is doing really really well."

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2007!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Fun Friday with Nip!

Oh, those catnip cigars...
We kept hearing how
wonderfully nippy they are...
And today we finally had that nip experience...
We sensed that something different was in the air...
It was CATNIP!
We hoped that it was the cigars and...
We finally got the cigars...
I am so excited and rolling around,
bumping into China Cat,
more rolling and chewing...
I might need nip anonymous...
I didn't mean to really give China Cat
the smack-down...
but the nip....
the nip.... rolling and chewing... rolling and rabbit kicking...still chewing... Oh, this is so good!

My tent!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Waiting for Spring!

You want tummy and toes...

What did you say???
You are looking at my tummy???
How could you possibly think
that my tummy is getting bigger???
Fine, you don't have to see my tummy...
Maybe if I put my paws in front...
No, I'm not fat, I'm floofy!!!
OK, I really don't care if I'm fat or floofy.
But I know that even while I'm sleeping,
you're looking at my tummy and toes!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday Fish

I didn't expect this to happen today!
Such a lovely surprise
I received from my Food Lady!
Today is Friday and...
I heard my Food Lady opening a can.
No, it wasn't tomatoes today -
but it starts with a "T".
It was TUNA!!! Tuna for both of us today!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

What "Willow" means...

I found this when I was over visiting Dragonheart.

I don't think that I am very "industrious" though - ha ha ha!
What Willow Means

W is for Wild

I is for Industrious

L is for Liberal

L is for Lovesick

O is for Overwhelming

W is for Wonderful

Spot on my Nose Sunday!

Once again I was found to have
a spot of food on my nose.
You might have to biggify my face
to actually see the spot on my nose...
Last time it was my favorite crunchy cat food,
but today it was most definitely
from the canned tomatoes which I was allowed to have
when my Food Lady was making chili.
Like I said before,
I Love Canned Tomatoes!