Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Toesday Today

Hey, it's Toesday today!
Time to enjoy seeing my perfectly aligned toes!
Here I am sitting on top of the refrigerator where I have my water pitcher. Sometimes if I am lucky someone will come in from the garage and leave the door open so that I can look out. My Food Lady thought I looked so cute she quickly got the flashy box, after telling me to stay where I was and not move. I could see somebody walking with their dog outside so I was happy to just sit inside and look out!
Anyway, my Food Lady loves the way I align my toes all in a row. This is how I almost always sit so I don't know why she still gets so excited about it...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Today is International Box Day!

Oh, what fun! It's International Box Day
and everyone knows that I LOVE BOXES!
I love being in boxes!
I found this box in the family room!
Thanks, Food Lady!
And everyone has seen my porch box!
I like to lay in this one almost every day!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Noisy Sunday Morning

This morning I went out in the screened-in porch to enjoy some fresh air and look for birds and bunnies. I was under the couch looking at a robin through the screen. I heard a noise behind me and quickly turned around and came out from under the couch. It was my Food Lady sitting on the rug. She wanted to take a picture of me looking at the robin but I didn't know that when I came out. My picture is a bit blurred because I was walking toward my Food Lady. I sat down and listened...
There was a noise that wasn't there before...
Excuse me, Food Lady,
did you hear that noise???
It is kind of a shrill barking type of noise. I know that two little dogs live over that way. Now those noises are getting louder! There is a deep barking noise back there.
So far I count at least 2 little shrill barking dogs on the right,
2 medium barking dogs on the left...
and now there is
a really loud big dog barking behind my house.
There is the big black dog that started everybody barking!
He is new around here and he sure likes to bark.
My Big Janitor Dad thinks that he is just visiting.
I hope it's just a visit - I like my porch quieter than this!
Here is a collage of my Noisy Sunday Morning.
And now it started thundering so I am heading into
the house to hide under the bed!
I'll be back out when it is quiet again!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tummy Time

My Food Lady was in her office so I thought that maybe she would help me blog. I jumped up on her desk and tried to get her attention. She just kept doing some work that had nothing to do with my blog. I needed to take drastic action to get her to notice that I was here and waiting to blog. I had a brilliant idea... I rolled around and turned my head upside down. That was working so I then showed her my tummy and I started purring very loudly!
She told me that yes, I could blog today!
But she wouldn't share her strawberries
or her glass of water with me!
Look, my Food Lady even put me into a pretty picture!
I am so glad that I got her attention today!
Now I am napping on her keyboard...
Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz