Monday, December 29, 2008

Vishus Deer in my Kitchen

Last week I was wondering what was in the big box in my kitchen and I thought it might be a vishus deer. A lot of you also guessed that it might be a vishus deer. We were right - there were two vishus deer in my kitchen!
I tried to be ever so brave and I ran right up to that vishus deer.
I yowled at him and made a lot of noise to scare him away.
He didn't even move!
I ran to the bedroom to tell China Cat about the vishus deer.
We cautiously snuck back to the kitchen,
but the vishus deer were gone!
China Cat told me that she thought that I made it up
and she went back to bed.
I know I didn't but where could that vishus deer be...
I patrolled around the house
and then I remembered that some cats said that vishus deer
like to gather in the front yards of juicy young cats!
I quickly ran to the living room and
I jumped up on the stool by the Christmas tree.
When I looked out the living room window.
I couldn't believe what I saw...........
There they were!
Whew, I'm glad that they are out of my kitchen.
I really need to go get a snack now!!!
And then I had better get some of
Mao & Rocky's Vishus Deer Repelunt!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Almost Wordless While Waiting for Christmas

I am so excited that it is finally Christmas tomorrow!
China Cat and I are sleeping
because then it will make Christmas come faster!
At least, that is my theory!
I hope that it is correct!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tongue, Tail and Toes Tuesday

First I clean my toes and then I clean my tail and then I go to sleep...

Monday, December 8, 2008

My Weekend in Bed

I have not received a lot of attention lately. I am joining China Cat and curling up in bed. Maybe I will get more appreciation if my Food Lady starts to miss me and comes to find me. Then she will say, "Willow, there you are! I have been looking all over for you! Do you want to go in the kitchen and have some treats???" I think that maybe I will ignore her for a few minutes and then casually walk to the kitchen for my treats. I'll try not to appear too eager for her attention and my treats. Do you think that this will work????

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Toesday and Purrs Today

There's no tummy shots here today. But I have toes! My Food Lady likes my toes because I am a big cat and I have big feet. See, here are my right front toes... Here are my right hind toes...
Are you wondering,
why are my toes all hanging out in the air???
My toes are all hanging out in the air
because this is how I like to sleep on my blue recliner!
Believe me, this is ever so comfortable!!!
I was also thinking about some of my friends
who need purrs and prayers right now.
For these and others who need purrs and prayers
you can go here.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sadie Katies Fun Friday

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Thanks for the great contest and prizes, JH and Laffin an Laffin!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sadie Katie's Halloween Costume Prize

For the Halloween Costume Contest my squillion Sadie Katie
won for the best squillion costume.
I went over and told her
as soon as I found out that she won.
She liked her costume so much
that she was still wearing it!
She was very excited about winning.
And the prize was coming from Jeter Harris
and his squillion, Laffin an Laffin
I let her know that I would watch the mailbox
and tell her when her prize arrived.
My Food Lady even put a stool in front of the window
so I could keep watch for the mailman.
I looked and looked and looked.
I think I watched for ninety squillion minutes.
Then I heard my Food Lady in the kitchen...'s dinner time.
I'll be back in a little while, Sadie Katie.
To be continued.....

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Monday Morning

So many times after breakfast when I feel sleepy,
I go look for China Cat.
Currently her favorite morning napping place is on the couch in the living room. Sure enough, that's where I found her.
It's cold this morning so I jumped right up
and snuggled in with her.
Naptime for us!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween and I'm being very brave and on the prowl.
At least I am prowling until the first doorbell rings,
then I will be under the bed!
I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween
and you can scroll down to the previous post if you want to see
what my squillion Sadie Katie is doing for Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sadie Katie, the Squillion, was in the costume contest!

I'm letting China Cat's squillion Charlie post today. He was so excited about entering the Halloween Contest and wanted to show everyone the entry that he shared with Sadie Katie, who is my squillion. Sadie Katie was quite a fetching witch!
Jeter Harris sponsored the part of the contest for the Best Dressed Squillion, with the help of his squillion, Laffin an Laffin. Sadie Katie and Charlie hope that you will consider them when you go to vote here!

I'm Charlie the Squillion and I live with China Cat.
China Cat told me that squillions are eligible to enter this year's Halloween Contest! I was so excited that I rushed over to our Halloween Costume Box and found my Red Devil Costume. Normally I am a ginger tabby squillion but look at me now... I am a Red Devil with long black hair, a natty bow-tie and a long red tail!
I called over to Sadie Katie, who is Willow's squillion to find a costume for the contest. She found a most excellent witch's costume to wear and I think she looks very witchy, indeed! Then we gathered around the table with our friend, BC the Magical Black Cat and all three of our wooden cat friends. We lit the Halloween tree and had such a time telling spooky stories. We were even joined by three gargoyles and some brilliantly colored spiders. We hope that everyone has a magical Halloween like we are having!
(You can click the pic to biggify if you want to see the party better!)
China Cat shares her blog with me at
and Willow shares hers with Sadie Katie at
Happy Halloween to Everyone!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Toys on Tuesday

I was kind of bored today.
China Cat doesn't want to come out in the screened-in porch
because it's too cool for her. I don't mind it cool - cold, yes!
Hey, I haven't played with my roller ball toy for a while...
Let's see, where's that ball???
Oh, there's that red ball...
I'll just whap it with my toes...
After giving that red ball a mighty whap,
I don't know where it went????
Can you see it????? Hey, Mom, I think I whapped it away
and I need a new red ball......

Monday, October 20, 2008

'Tocktober Fest for Derby's Purrthday

Derby is 5 today
and lots of us have joined in the 'Tocktober Fest to celebrate!
First I want to wish Derby a very happy birthday
and show you the card that we made for Derby.
I was looking for some bunnies and what a surprise...
there's my 'tocks!
Now, I'll show you my 'tocks on my favorite blue chair. And sometimes it's nice to sit together
so here are mine and China Cat's 'tocks...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tangled-up Toes Tuesday

It's already October but so far it's still nice out today in the porch
so I decided here is where I would nap on the couch.
See there is sunshine on my toes...